Vector specializes in Heat Treat, Machining, Assembly and Fabrication, with unmatched experience in maintenance repair and overhaul accompanied by an extensive network of suppliers offers comprehensive solutions for our customers. Our team is dedicated to procuring or manufacturing any spare part or component that a customer is seeking, including: Brakes, Wheels, APUs, and Landing gear solutions.


As a Boeing D1-4426 approved manufacturer of OEM quality parts and assemblies, we boast a wide range of size capacities, fitting very large parts to very tight tolerances. We specialize in Long Bed Milling, as well as multi-axis machining. We are well known for our ability to machine large skins.
Vector has the capabilities to fabricate products of all sizes and the ability to produce parts with a wide variety of scale and design. For Hydroforming, we can produce products that range from 24” to unlimited length, and our Stretch Forming can manufacture parts up to 320” long. We also offer Hot Joggle of extrusions, Draw Form, Punch Press and Press Break of up to 12’.
Vector utilizes proprietary advanced software that enables us to provide our customers with 3D mock-ups and an integrated engineering approach. Our Assembly team collaborates closely with our Machining and Fabrication departments to ensure that when the jobs reach Assembly, every piece fits perfectly. We are skilled in Bonding, Adhesives, Bushing and Bearing installations, as well as ball staking and swaging, simple riveting of brackets, nut plates and fasteners. We also offer Torque specific part-to-part subassemblies and kitting.

Vector Aerospace is the go-to specialist for aluminum heat treating processes including NADCAP AMS2770/ABC5960 certified solution and aging of 2024, 2219, 6013, 7050 and 7075 aluminum. 

Maintaining the highest level of quality during the heat-treating processes requires not only state-of-the-art controls, but also world-class management systems. Our highly skilled team and our Quality Assurance Policy ensure that the products we produce are delivered with precision and adhering to our customers’ lead-time requirements.